I am that I am
Who are you?
Where are you from?
Where are you going?
What is your purpose?
Questions that we have asked ourselves since the dawn of
time. Since 1 billion became 6 billion became 7.5 billion
people roaming upon the spherical abode.

This comes as no surprise as when you strip away all that is
artificial, all that is man-made – money, the constitution of
law, social constructs – the true currency that governs man
remains: Knowledge. And if indeed we were to separate said
currency by region as we do in the real world, then the most
valuable of those currency would undoubtedly be the
knowledge of self.

To know yourself, to really know yourself, is to know the very
fabric of the universe, to walk between the pages that scribe
the secrets of creation and existence. That knowledge is
passed down by those who came before and after us, those
who watch over us. They are neither man, nor are they God.
They are neither here, nor there. They are the guardians, or
as we know them Barongwa.

The greatest texts, from the Hebrew writings to the Tibetan
book of the dead all seem to agree that we were created in
the image of the creator. In return and perhaps man’s
greatest fault was to try to create the creator in man’s image
– an now does the infinite live within the confines of gender,
but they have clothing, a throne, a twisted sense of humor
and an irrational temperament towards those who disobey.

But who is this infinite, really? No one really knew the infinite
by name (God isn’t a name) until Moses encountered the
burning bush (God) and asked it what its name was, upon
which the response was ‘I am that I am’.

How profound and boundless can a burning bush be in all its
vagueness? To be whatever you so say or wish to be? Could
that be the answer to our questions?

If you were made in the image of the creator, then surely you
too can I am that I am? You too are a creator, and your
greatest creation long after you have lived will be your

But for us to grow from mere babies to enlightened people
(self-actualization), we need to go through phases and in
this series we look at some of those stages and the relevant
characters/guides that show us the way